Cog Wild Shuttles Start Up Again

Cog Wild Shuttle van

Courtesy Cog Wild Mountain Bike Tours and Shuttles

Sure, it’s always more fun to shred down the mountain bike trails after you’ve earned it with a few miles of lung-burning, thigh-aching climbing.

But, every once in a while it’s VERY nice to sit in a van and be shuttled to the top of those hills so you can just enjoy the ride down with the gang.

Cog Wild Mountain Bike Tours has started its season of Bend shuttles with Tuesday and Thursday lifts up to the Wanoga Sno-Park. The vans will continue up to Swampy and Dutchman once the snow melts a little more. Click here for more on the shuttles and the other tours offered by Cog Wild.

If shuttling isn’t your thing, check out these Central Oregon mountain bike trails¬†or this fun little loop at the Phil’s Trail complex.

Either way – get out and ride!

Mountain biking across stream near Bend, Oregon

Photo credit: Lev Stryker




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