Fat Bike Fun for Everyone in Central Oregon

fat bike beau

photo by Meg Roussos/The Bulletin

This winter – it’s ok to get a little fat. No, we’re not talking about your waistline in light of a season of constant snacking. We’re talking about bicycles of course, where come winter, the fatter the tires, the more fun there is to be had.

If paddleboarding is the new unofficial summer sport of Central Oregon, then Fat Biking would have to be its winter equivalent. In this story from the Bend Bulletin, reporter Beau Estes takes out a fat bike with the gang from Hutch’s Bicycles to see what all the fun is about.

You can also check out this blog from The Hub Cyclery owner TJ Jordan to get a first-hand account of just how fun fat biking can be.

Want to try it on your own? You’re in luck as the Hub and Hutch’s (and other spots in town) rent fat bikes.


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