Cycle Pub

Incorporates two favorite pastimes: bikes and beer!
, Bend, OR


Bend, Oregon is known for cycling. And world class microbreweries. Cycle Pub gives you an opportunity to enjoy these two passions, and create an experience you and your fellow riders will never forget. It’s a non-tradtional bike, where you sit and pedal in a non-traditional way, and enjoy non-traditonal features and microbrews. For lack of a better description, it’s a rolling pub on wheels, that you pedal.

Tours typically run 2 hours in length. We can extend your tour by request, and the Cycle Pub can also be booked for the entire day to support your event or outing. Book early, as prime dates and holidays fill quickly. The bike can support tours of up to 14 people, and you can choose one of our pre-selected routes, or ask if we can accommodate your suggestion. Feel free to bring your own beer, wine, coffee or soda aboard, and any food or snacks to fuel the crew. We can stop along the way at the various restaurants and pubs throughout Bend, or take the scenic route and maximize time on the bike.