Strategic Realty

Professional Real Estate Services
1001 SW Emkay, Suite 100, Bend, OR 97702
P: 541-678-0756


Here at Strategic Realty we specialize in helping you see the market, and guiding you through the pitfalls that can occur. With over 500 successful transactions, there is a good chance we have experience in your situation.

Strategic Realty has built its reputation on brokering unique properties in unique situations concerning real estate in Oregon.  Principal Brokers, Josh Hansen, Kerry O’Neal and Michelle Dearden make it their goal is to extract as much out of the market for our clients as possible. Each property is looking for only a single buyer, and they use distinctive methods of network marketing and personal contacts to locate that special person for each of their clients. ?We think through the likely prospect profiles, control the presentation, and pride ourselves on our ability to turn interest into offers. We represent our clients’ interests to the utmost and take our fiduciary obligations extremely seriously.”