Fly Fishing at Your Fingertips in Central Oregon Lakes and Rivers

Conjuring a more perfect land than Central Oregon for chasing trout and steelhead is difficult to do. Fly fishing is a way of life for Central Oregonians for the simple reason that we have so much of it at our fingertips. From small streams to big rivers, lakes of all sizes, we have an amazing variety to choose from. Through all four seasons there is somewhere to fool a fish with an hour’s drive of downtown Bend. If you’ve never visited the area there are several reliable and convenient fly shops and outfitters in Central Oregon to serve your needs. In Bend give Fly and Field Outfitters a call.


What’s important to understand about the Central Oregon fly-fishing experience is that whatever kind of day you’re looking for, there is something for you here. And it doesn’t have to be a big production. Many visit the area with their gear at the ready and simply need a few flies and ideas as to where they should fish. Many arrive only with the idea that they’d like to try fly fishing out. Then there are those who come to Central Oregon to mountain bike or golf and see the river running through town, get the slightest hunch and follow it. No matter which of these categories you fall in, simply dial up one of the local shops and see where it takes you. You won’t be disappointed. And you’ll leave our remarkable area with a memory for a lifetime. Somewhere within an hour’s drive of Bend there is a water to satisfy your needs. Fly fishing and Oregon go hand in hand.


The rivers are everywhere! Closest to Bend, we have the Deschutes River and Tumalo Creek. Both of these provide trout fishing within ten minutes of downtown Bend. A half hour south we have a little spring creek gem, the Fall River. It is beautiful, peaceful and challenging, and open to fly fishing year ‘round. A bit farther south is the Upper Deschutes. Two areas on this stretch of river offer different but really fun action through the summer months. Out east of Bend about forty-five minutes you’ll find the little tail water that is the Crooked River. This one is getting more and more attention for its sheer number of trout. The Crooked is a wonderful fishery we are so lucky to have right in our backyard. It’s also open year ‘round and fishes awesome all winter. Heading north there is the Middle Deschutes, a rugged and rewarding stretch where no guiding is allowed. Then, a bit further north is the mighty and famous Lower Deschutes, perhaps the most iconic Central Oregon fly-fishing destination. We also have one of the grandest spring creeks in the lower 48 in the Metolious River. This might be the most beautiful river you will ever see. And it fishes just as difficult as it is attractive!

Fly fishing the Upper Deschutes River

If lakes are your thing you’re in luck here for fly fishing in Central Oregon. Within an hour’s drive of Bend you will find dozens of quality still water fisheries. We specialize in the Cascade Lakes as well as East Lake. For those not familiar with our area, all around Mt Bachelor is a string of gorgeous, emerald lakes. We have Sparks, Elk, Hosmer, Big and Little Lava, Crane Prairie Wickiup, North and South Twin, East and Paulina, and many more. It is a remarkable stretch of still water fly- fishing opportunities here in Central Oregon. The abundance and quality really has to be experienced to be believed. Most of these lakes are best approached with some kind of flotation devise. This can be as simple as a float tube or as sophisticated as a proper guide lake boat. And depending on the time of year and quarry you’re after, you can get away with a light-weight rod or you might need something more substantial! The local shops are always a great place to start. Throughout the season, which generally runs the last Saturday of April to October 31st, water conditions will dictate what kinds of insects are hatching and where the best fishing will be found.


If you are familiar with fly fishing Oregon you understand why we love it so much. If you are thinking about adding fly fishing in Central Oregon to your list of recreational activities, we would love to help in any way possible.

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Griff Marshall
Griff Marshall
I arrived in Bend a few years ago, my second wife and our daughter in tow. I’ve long lost count of days on the river since we got here, but already there is a deep love for the dynamic variety of water here. This is where I should have been all along. It’s my privilege to work with the staff here at Fly and Field Outfitters. It’s my joy to share a thirty-year passion with everyone who walks through the doors, or I get the opportunity to spend time on a river with.
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