The High Desert Museum: Where West Meets Wild (Video)

Here in Central Oregon, we’re all about getting out in the great outdoors. But at the High Desert Museum, you can experience everything that makes Oregon wild, all in one place.

Here, there’s history, up close encounters with wildlife, and learning is fun and seriously hands-on! Everyday the education staff shows kids, parents and grandparents alike things they’ve never seen before. When’s the last time you got to hangout with a porcupine while it had a snack? Would you dare touch a slithery snake?!

At the High Desert Museum, it’s all possible. And you won’t believe how much fun you’ll have watching the little ones explore and take it all in! Some of the exhibits like the “By Hand Through Memory” and the “Spirit of the West” are here year round.

But the museum also has a couple of exhibits that change throughout the year. In the outdoor “Birds of Prey” space you can walk right up to eagles — then stretch out your arms and see how your wingspan measures up!

And when you walk through the Schnitzer Entrance Hall, see if you can spot Snowshoe, the Canadian Lynx! Because Lynxes are known to be stealth-like and nocturnal in the wild, this could be one of your only chances to see one up close!

Just down from Snowshoe you’ll find Vivi the Bobcat! Just like Lynxes, bobcats are known to be elusive, so seeing them is a real treat.  Vivi is way bigger than a house cat, but she still loves to take cat naps!

At the High Desert Museum everyone is encouraged to get back to nature, but nobody will blame you if you can’t resist snapping a few pics. After all it’s is an experience worth sharing!

Mackenzie Ballard
Mackenzie Ballard
Mackenzie Ballard is the Director of Marketing for Visit Central Oregon.
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