Prineville Mountain Bike Trails Offer Great Terrain, Few Crowds

If hitting the mountain bike trails is your thing, you probably head straight to Phil’s Trail when you visit Central Oregon. But if you take a slight detour to Prineville, you will be surprised with the mountain biking options for everyone.

“The best part of riding in Prineville is that it’s lower traffic, so you don’t need to worry about contending for parking spaces, you can just ride from town similarly to in Bend,” said James Good. Good owns Good Bike Co. in Prineville, where he does repairs, rents and sells bikes and accessories.

Even though it’s just barely over 35 miles Northeast of Bend, Prineville offers a different climate for riding. “In the shoulder seasons and winter season we have a little better weather pattern,” said Good. It’s sunnier and typically drier, our riding season is generally longer than what you’ll find in Bend and Redmond.

Good Bike Co. in Prineville

Local Prineville Mountain Bike Trails

Similarly to Bend, one of Prineville’s main riding areas is close to town. Right in Prineville, there are the Lower 66 which is at the grade, that’s 66 acres, roughly 3 ½ miles if you do the loops in conjunction to each other. You can do them in any direction to add or reduce mileage.

But if you’re looking to put in a lot more miles, you’ll want to ride in the Ochoco National Forest.

Mountain biking in Prineville
Round Mountain – Courtesy

Two biggest routes is Round Mountain and Lookout. Round Mountain and Lookout together is about 30 miles. Just doing Lookout is about 20 miles as a loop. The scenery is incredible, you get up on the high point which is Lookout overlooking west toward Prineville and Bend. There are 100-year-old Ponderosa Pines and probably the most traffic you’re going to run into is the wild horse herd.

Family Rides

For family rides, stick to the trails around town. From singletrack at the Lower 66, it’s very non-committal, you can go as long or as short as you’d like to ride. There’s also a paved trail along Ochoco Creek, it’s not extended mileage, maybe about 2-3 miles.  It’s a great family day trip and not far is Tastee Treat, a place to stop for ice cream or lunch. And for the adults — Good Bike Co. has beer on tap to help you top off a great day in Prineville.

Mackenzie Ballard
Mackenzie Ballard
Mackenzie Ballard is the Director of Marketing for Visit Central Oregon.
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