Central Oregon’s Sweet Treats

Have you ever been to cupcake heaven? If not, be prepared to have your world rocked when you visit Central Oregon’s famous, Ida’s Cupcake Cafe.

The team at Ida’s three locations, two in Bend and one in Redmond, custom frost cupcakes and create memorable wedding cakes and sweet treats for every occasion. Imagine “emoji” themed cupcakes and cakes decorated with your favorite Oregon sports team. Whatever you can dream up, Ida’s can bring to life.

Central Oregon’s obsession with all things sweet doesn’t stop there. Goody’s Chocolates counts as one of the other legends in town, the company was started in Sunriver in 1984. Now, Goody’s has multiple locations including their factory where they do tours of their chocolate making process and a classic soda fountain and candy shop in downtown Bend. Goody’s manufactures over 20 tons of chocolate each year, and although we don’t recommend eating that many candies – buying a box of Goody’s is is like taking a sweet piece of Central Oregon home with you.

Mackenzie Ballard
Mackenzie Ballard
Mackenzie Ballard is the Director of Marketing for Visit Central Oregon.
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