A Family Weekend at Sunriver Resort

A few weekends ago my family and I got to experience Sunriver Resort for a little “staycation”.  We packed the kids in the car, loaded the bikes on the back, and drove a few minutes down the road to the beautiful and not so far away town of Sunriver. The resort welcomed us with open arms, a beautiful lofted room complete with a kitchen and super comfortable beds and trails right outside our backdoor. Below are a few of our favorite family fun activities that will be imprinted in our memory for years to come. 

Indoor Activity Kit: 

Opening the door to a brand new space was very exciting for all of us, but having the “make your own stuffed animals” and coloring activity waiting for our boys on the table took them over the top. It was really fun for them to stuff their bunny and bear in front of the fire while my husband and I brought in our stuff. And the color and glue your own sign was a perfect activity for the next morning before we headed out on the trails.  

Biking the Trails 

Wherever we go, we always bring our bikes as it is our favorite mode of travel. It was especially nice to have winding, easy and wide trails leave right from our door. Our four-year-old was able to pedal by himself to the nearest park, which he was super excited about. And our 20 month old was equally excited to be on the front of my bike, looking out at all the passing trees and birds. 

Exploring by the River:

One of the many things Sunriver is known for is its quick and easy access to the beautiful Deschutes River. After a quick 20 min bike ride, we got to a bridge where the kids threw rocks in the river, counted ducks, and waded up to their knees in the calm and cool water. While there we saw two bald eagles and a beaver swimming across the river which excited the whole family. 

Playing on the many excellent playgrounds:

One of our favorite places was the playground. Unlike the normal run-of-the-mill playground, this one had two big climbing boulders, a few logs to balance on, and a bumpy slide with multiple ways to climb to the top.  Us parents loved climbing on the boulders and doing acro in the grass while our two boys loved the slide, and hopping from log to log. We ended up staying there for a lot longer than expected as we set up a fun obstacle course that other families participated in as well! 

Story by Chelsey and Jason Magness

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