Scenic Bikeways Showcase Central Oregon’s Backroad Beauty Blog Entry

Oregon’s official scenic bikeways are the first of their kind in the U.S – and Central Oregon is home to 6 of the state’s 11 most beautiful bike routes. An absolute summer must for road cyclists are riding the best of the best – our scenic bikeways. Every rider can find a ride to suit their style […]

Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway Member Listing

An Oregon Scenic Byway that winds through the Cascade Mountain Range

McKenzie Pass Scenic Bikeway Member Listing

The most spectacular ride in Central Oregon

Spend Your Summer Outdoors Around La Pine Blog Entry

The natural wonder around La Pine has been in the public consciousness for thousands of years. Going back some 15,000 years, early Native American tribes converged on Newberry Volcano—enchanted and intrigued by its immense obsidian deposits that would be harvested, shaped into arrowheads, and traded with other tribes. Those arrowheads would eventually turn up as […]

Sisters to Smith Rock Scenic Bikeway Member Listing

Varied rolling terrain through historical sites

Twin Bridges Scenic Bikeway Member Listing

Crosses several bridges in the varied terrain of Central Oregon

Madras Mountain Views Scenic Bikeway Member Listing

Magnificent views of the Cascade Mountain Range

Sherar’s Falls Scenic Bikeway Blog Entry

Oregon’s newest scenic bikeway traverses the strikingly scenic high desert canyon of north Central Oregon, known as River Canyon Country. Simply said, the new Sherar’s Falls Scenic Bikeway is one of the best, rural, accessible road cycling loops available in Oregon. You’ll be stopping for one “awe moment” after another Start in Maupin, on the […]

Madras Scenic Bikeway a Mountain Views Can’t Miss Blog Entry

  There are countless ways to experience the beauty of Central Oregon, but one of the best ways to see it is from the seat of a bicycle. Even better is when that bike ride is on a dedicated scenic bikeway that’s relatively car free. The Madras Mountain View Scenic Bikeway in Jefferson County begins […]

Central Oregon Cycling: McKenzie Pass Scenic Bikeway (video) Blog Entry

Some roads are made to get from here to there. Others, like Oregon Highway 242, offer an experience all their own. By car, Highway 242 is known as the McKenzie Pass Scenic Byway, but the same road is also one of Oregon’s unique Scenic Bikeways. If you’re up for a challenge, cycling is the way […]