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Jim O’Neil as Clarence Darrow

Jim O’Neil launches his national tour of the venerable Broadway drama “Darrow”.  His performance reveals the eloquence and humor of the controversial lawyer – best known for the Scopes “Monkey Trial”.  O’Neil is a distant relative of Darrow and portrays the law school dropout who became “a man of ideas and ideals, a persuasive defender of the seemingly indefensible, and a passionate champion of the underdog”.

The production of “Clarence Darrow” at the Tower will be supplemented by several educational events, provided by the Tower’s LessonPLAN initiative to benefit regional high school students and teachers. There will also be a post-show panel featuring local and regional lawmakers discussing the play, Darrow’s life and times, and the lasting effect of his cases on the judicial system.

January 11
$17 - $32