Becoming attune to the external, and internal, seasons of life allows us to live more fully in the present, experience vitality in our bodies, minds and spirits, while deepening our connection to nature. For this Autumn Equinox, we honor the season as we come together to receive the medicine of Cacao and Breathwork. Breathwork helps us cleanse the mind and restore the spirit while cacao tenderly holds us in the sweet release. We will begin with ceremonial Cacao served by Ashley Grewe of Mythical Chocolates. Cacao is often considered a feminine plant, offering us the warmth of a beloved grandmother who reminds us both of the goodness in our life and that even in seasons of release, there is always more beauty to come. After Cacao, Amanda Ramirez will guide us through a gentle breathwork practice to soften, release, and restore. As we soften into the season of autumn, the breath invites us to cleanse our internal and external landscapes. From there, we can draw energy back into our bodies to fortify ourselves for this new slower season of Fall. After breathwork, you will be invited to journal, hydrate, enjoy nourishing snacks, and connect with the community who collectively chose to begin this season in ritual and intention. This event is lovingly brought to you by the Hanai Foundation. As a non-profit, the Hanai Foundation seeks to create opportunities for all members of our community to nurture themselves and connect with others through events, classes, and workshops that inspire creativity, compassion, and growth. To learn more visit our website

September 25, 2023


05:30 PM - 08:30 PM


Hanai Foundation 62430 Eagle Rd Bend OR Bend, Oregon United States

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$35 - $55

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