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Basic Skills Kayaking


About Basic Skills Kayaking

This Basic Skills Kayaking Class will prepare participants to confidently explore our region’s waterways.
The Basic Skills Kayaking Course will prepare you to confidently explore our region's lakes and rivers.

A great launching point for the aspiring life-long kayaker. Tumalo Creek’s basic skills kayaking class will prepare you to confidently explore our area lakes and slow moving rivers. Expect to learn comprehensive safety, basic paddle strokes, maneuvering, and simple rescues. Although we encourage you to practice rescues, this course is “challenge by choice” and going for a swim is not required. We only expect that you participate in activities most comfortable for you. This course is a great starting point for beginning kayakers and makes a great refresher for the seasonal paddler.
This class is geared towards adults therefore we recommend a minimum age of 15. Please call the shop with any questions.

13.18 miles away from Cog Wild


April – September;

Thursdays & Saturdays



Equipment List

Tumalo Creek Provides

  • Kayak
  • Paddle
  • PFD
  • Instruction

Participant Provides

  • River appropriate shoe
  • Synthetic top and bottom (i.e. thermal underwear)
  • Rain coat and pants (weather dependent)
  • Sun hat, rain hat, or cap (weather dependent)
  • Sunglasses with Croakies or Chums
  • Sunscreen and lip balm
  • Water bottle
  • Snacks
  • Towel and change of clothes for after class

Gear required for this trip is available for purchase at our shop.


Can I bring my own gear?

If you have your own gear and or boat you are more than welcome to bring your gear to the classes. It is always good to practice in the same equipment you will use after the class.

Can kids come to these lessons?

We have a strict age requirement of 15 for standard lessons. If you have a child younger than 15 please check out our offerings for Tumalo Kids or email to get information on private classes.

Do I have to get on the water?

If you are taking a class we do require you to come out on the water and practice the techniques we are covering. Though we start on land most of our instruction is on the water so students can try the new skill in real time.

Do I have to participate in the self rescue?

It is entirely optional but highly recommended that you try your hand at a self rescue during class. Practice makes perfect and what better way to practice than by having a certified instructor right there with you.

Will I fall in?

It is entirely possible that you will fall in the water. We will always suit you up with all of the necessary safety gear for the discipline you are participating in, and our certified instructors are well versed in water rescues. But still, be prepared to swim.