Bend Rock Gym

Bend Rock Gym

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About Bend Rock Gym


1182 SE Centennial Ct, Bend, OR 97702, USA
13.18 miles away from Cog Wild

Looking For A Specific Location?
North Gym
BRG’s North Gym is the core of the BRG complex. At roughly 13,000 sq ft, it’s the largest of BRG’s facilities. It serves as the main entry point for Bend Rock Gym. It hosts our front desk where we facilitate all member and guest check in, point of sale, and back of house operations. Below is a more in-depth overview of the facility and its features:
  • 50ft Walls (13,000 sq ft)
  • 200 Lead, Top Rope and Autobelay Routes (Set Weekly)
  • 13 Autobelays
  • 3 artificial cracks for crack climbing practice
South Gym 
BRG’s South Gym was the original BRG building when the business was founded in 2010. At roughly 7,000 sq ft, it’s the home of half of BRG’s bouldering and autobelay terrain. It serves as the primary space BRG youth programs. It also hosts the administrative staff of our competitive climbing team partner, Bend Endurance Academy.  Below is a more in-depth overview of the facility and its features.
  • 35ft Walls
  • 9 Autobelays
  • 90+ Boulder Problems (Set Weekly)
  • Campus Board
West Gym 
BRG’s West Gym is our newest complex. At 11,000 sq ft, the West Gym houses dynamic bouldering terrain, comprehensive fitness amenities, and elite climbing training amenities to take your climbing to the next level. To access the West Gym, one must be a member or punch card holder at BRG.
  • 15ft Walls
  • 90+ Boulder Problems (Set Weekly)
  • Free Weights & Olympic Lifting Cage
  • Campus Board
  • Moon & Tension Boards (LED Walls)
  • 40ft Spray Wall 30/40 degrees
  • Hang board station with 15+ hang boards
Visiting For A Day?

We’ve got the right service offering for everyone! See our rates below.

Adult (16yrs+) - $20
Student [Must Present Valid Student ID] - $17
Youth (11yrs – 15yrs) - $17
Youth (4yrs – 10yrs) - $15
Senior (65yrs+) - $18
Military / Veteran - $18
Para Athlete - $16

North Gym:
Auto belays
Lead and Top Rope Climbing
North Gym Bouldering Terrain

South Gym:
Auto belays

West Gym (Bouldering Area):
All Bouldering Terrain
Climbing Training Amenities - Hang Boards, Campus Boards, Spraywalls, etc.
Note: You are not allowed to use areas outside of your booking location.
Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday

8am-9pm — North, South & West Gyms OPEN


10am -6pm — North, South & West Gyms OPEN

1182 SE Centennial Ct, Bend, OR 97702, USA