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Wanderlust Tours

Cascade Lakes Brews & Views Canoe

$70 - $100

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About Cascade Lakes Brews & Views Canoe

Taste locally crafted beers and canoe the Cascade Lakes!

Adventure: Wanderlust Tours is the premier destination for canoe tours in Bend, Oregon! Join us on this iconic paddling tour on the high elevation mountain lakes in the mighty Cascade Range.

Naturalist Guided Experience: Our renowned naturalist guides will highlight the sweet spots on these stunning lakes that might not initially meet the eye. During our 2 hours on the water, along with the fun and sun, you’ll come to know our local beer scene through the sense of taste! Plus what a super time for the whole family to swim in our mountain lakes. You may also learn about the indigenous people who called Bend home and how they used the mountains and lakes for their livelihoods over 1000’s of years. Your crew will be energized with revelations about natural and cultural history that’ll keep your mind humming with delight long after you return home with fond memories of the tour.

Location: Wear your swimsuit for a refreshing dip along with eco-friendly sunscreen! You’ll see parts of these large lakes that are only accessible by paddling into the fingers, coves, bays, and wetlands created by ancient eruptions and erosion. With sweeping views of our local mountains, our Bend, Oregon canoe tours have it all!


We live, visit and play in Bend because of its physical beauty. Wanderlust Tours donates $1 for every person who participates on this tour to Pledge for the Wild. These funds help support the interconnected habitat for all who rely on it.

61535 S Hwy 97 #13, Bend, OR 97702, USA
13.18 miles away from Cog Wild


$100 per person

$70 for kids 11 and under


All ages welcome – we provide root beer for kids!

  • June 1 through September 30, 2:00 PM — 6:00 PM
  • October 1 through May 31: 1:30 PM — 5:30 PM

Departing from our office, 30-45 minutes one-way

  • Professional guide & award-winning naturalist interpretation
  • Gear: canoes, paddles, PFDs  
    Our canoes have two paddling positions and include room in the middle for a third non-paddling passenger. Canoe tours are best for all ages and skill levels.  
  • Drinks: Local micro-brews (or root beer)
  • Transportation: to the Cascade Lakes
  • Sun Protection: Hat, sunglasses, sunscreen (if needed)
  • Miscellaneous Gear: Water bottle, camera, swimsuit (optional)
61535 S Hwy 97 #13, Bend, OR 97702, USA