Full Day Trip: Cascade Lakes


About Full Day Trip: Cascade Lakes

Nestled in the Cascade Mountain Range just west of Bend are over 10 quality stillwater fisheries. Couple these unique fly fishing lakes with the nearby streams, creeks, and rivers, and you get a fly fishers dream. Located a short drive from downtown Bend, these lakes range from modest to grand in size. One aspect they all share is beauty. When you visit one of these fly fishing treasures, youll agree.

A fly fishing trip to one of the Cascade Lakes is best suited for anglers looking for relatively low impact and highly productive outings. If you are interested in a positive first fishing experience with your son, daughter, or non-angling spouse, consider a trip to East Lake or Lava Lake. During the peak of the season on either lake, we can practically guarantee they catch some fish. Your guide will meet you at the designated location at a predetermined time. Packed with everything you'll need for a successful day of fishing, you will travel with your guide to the lake of choice. A full day trip will span 8 hours for fishing, and includes a lake-side BBQ lunch.

13.18 miles away from Cog Wild

Typical Itinerary

We offer a number of Full-Day fly fishing trip options, including: walk-in and boat-in trips, within a short drive of downtown Bend.  All full day trips offer 8 hours of fishing, not including drive time.  Most trips begin in the morning, but depending on the fishery and the season, your guide may choose to fish from midday to late evening.  Your guide will meet you at CONFLUENCE FLYSHOP or some other predetermined location and from there, you’ll carpool or caravan to the selected fishery.  Once on the water, you’ll spend roughly 8 hours fishing, learning, and catching. We pride ourselves on being great instructors, knowledgeable anglers, competent chefs (preparing you a BBQ’d riverbank lunch midday), and generally great company equipped with a good story or two!

Depending on the season, the most popular Full-Day Trip locations are: Lower Deschutes River, Crooked River, Fall River, Upper Deschutes River, Mckenzie River, or one of our local Lakes.

What’s Included / Non-included

Each Full-Day trip includes any needed boots, waders, rods and reels. Your guide will provide drinks, snacks and a delicious BBQ’d riverbank lunch.

Each angler/guest will need to have a valid fishing license and flies. On the Lower Deschutes, each angler/guest will also need a boater’s pass and tribal permit.  Although these credentials are not included in the price quoted above, we can offer advice or help you purchase these items.