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About Night Photography Tour

Since Bend is located in such an amazing spot with hardly any ambient light, it lends it's self to some awesome night photography. Whether it's the milky way, star trails, light writing or the moon… we can target your tour to your specific night photo goals.
Private Tour capped at 2 people to ensure personalized instruction and individualized attention.
Tour Price: $325 up to 2 people

550 SW Industrial Way, Bend, OR 97702, USA
13.18 miles away from Cog Wild

Tour Length: 4 hours all inclusive 

Difficulty: Easy.  We will most likely find a place to "park" our cameras and then take shots around that area.   

Tour Departure: Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we will meet at a predetermined location for optimal night photography.

Guides: What sets our team apart is no matter which guide you are matched with, all are expert published photographers are passionate about creating an tailored photographic experience with you.

Weather Conditions: If the weather is not cooperating for our workshop, we will do our best to find a clear location to observe the stars.  If that isn't an option within a close proximity of Bend, then we will reschedule. Note that we cannot offer refunds due to weather unless we cannot go out at all, but will reschedule the workshop instead. Also keep in mind that inclement weather often results in some of the most dramatic and stunning photos! Just make sure you dress and prepare accordingly.

Food/Water: We do not provide food on our outings. All participants should bring food/water to hold them through during the tour.  We will have a cooler where you can store food and drink.

What to Wear: You should check the weather forecast prior to coming on the date of the workshop. Since this is a night tour, and we won't be moving much and expect the temperatures to drop so bring layers. 

Restroom Facilities: While there are no restrooms at some of our locations, there are places close we can stop at. 

Cell Phones: You can always bring your cell phone along, but with low light, the images you capture with them, might not be the best.  However, they are great for capturing light writing images, if that is something you want to play with on your tour.  Note that cell service is limited during some of the drives. 

Group Size: 2 max - Private tour

Camera Gear: A wide angle zoom lens is the most useful for night photos to get the most of the sky in the shot (equivalent 16-35 on a full-frame camera or 10-22mm on a crop sensor). In addition, the lower the aperture the better!  At least a F2.8, but F1.8-1.2 is always nice to have as well.  A mid-range lens can also come in handy or if you don’t have a wide angle (24-70 on full frame or 18-55 on crop sensor).  Tripods are a must since we are shooting long exposures. You will also need a camera that has a "manual" setting or a way to you can control the aperture, shutter speed and ISO independently.  Don’t forget extra batteries, memory cards, and cleaning supplies.                                    

Additional Gear: Since we will be outside in one spot, or with minimal movement, feel free to bring a folding chair, blanket, bug spray, or any other items you that you would like to have to make you comfortable.

If you need to rent gear for your trip we encourage you to use Focal Point Photography.

550 SW Industrial Way, Bend, OR 97702, USA