Deschutes River

The river runs through Sunriver and Bend, Oregon

This National Wild and Scenic designated river begins just south of Bend and ends its 252 mile journey as it empties into the Columbia River.

It’s the most fly casted on, biked along, hiked next to, tubed down, foot dipped in, wedding photographed in front of river in all of Oregon. The meandering waterway might cut back and forth across Central Oregon, but it also brings together the area more than any other natural wonder here. It can be nasty, rapid and awe-inspiring in one spot only to slow to a lazy, welcoming crawl just a mile or two down river. Amazing to look at, but more fun to play with, the Deschutes River is Central Oregon’s pride and joy. French for “River of the Falls”, during the period of fur trading, the Deschutes River winds through Sunriver, Bend, to the mighty Columbia.

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