Economic Development for Central Oregon


Founded in 1981, Economic Development for Central Oregon (EDCO) is a non-profit corporation supported by private and public members and stakeholders. Our mission is to create a diversified local economy and a strong base of middle-class jobs in Central Oregon. To do this, we focus on helping companies do the following:


We guide employers outside the region through the relocation process as a resource for regional data, incentives, talent, site selection, and more.


We mentor and advise scalable young companies from concept to exit on issues such as access to capital, critical expertise, and strategy.


We partner with local traded-sector companies to help them grow and expand.

We primarily focus our efforts on traded-sector employers, which are companies that sell a majority of their goods or services outside the region. As these businesses export their products and offerings, they simultaneously import wealth into our Central Oregon’s communities and help to build a recession-proof employment base.

As a business resource, EDCO keeps close tabs on economic indicators such as job growth, total payroll and new capital investment made by traded-sector companies.

EDCO also publishes an annual Central Oregon Profile – a comprehensive, 20-page profile that includes business information about the region’s top employers, income, population, demographics, housing prices, business costs, utility costs, transportation, climate, and other frequently requested data.

“The Central Oregon Profile is a compilation of data from many different sources as well as our own research. For business owners here and companies who are considering relocating to the area, it provides a statistical snapshot of our region,” said Natalie Dent, Marketing and Communications Manager for EDCO. “We get feedback that the Profile is used by local businesses, real estate agents, non-profits, and government entities in their planning and review processes each year.”

Additionally, EDCO hosts over 50 events a year that connect the business community with networking, new ideas, and fun, such as PubTalk, the Bend Venture Conference, and our Annual Luncheon. Additionally, operated under EDCO is the High Desert Enterprise Consortium, whose mission is to help Central Oregon businesses improve their processes by leveraging the knowledge of experts and members through training and practical application of best practices.


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