Free Public Wines

Coming soon to Bend!


About Free Public Wines

Founded in 2017, Free Public Wines make West Coast canned wines, curated from some of the highest quality wines and vineyards from Napa Valley to Walla Walla. Each wine is intentionally crafted for the can, ensuring a sophisticated yet approachable flavor profile. In addition to our commitment to quality, we are committed to keeping public spaces free for everyone to enjoy. To honor that approach, we are a member of 1% for the Planet, a global network of businesses, nonprofits and individuals working together for a healthy planet.

Free Public canned wines are portable, lightweight, sustainable and provide a gluten0free alternative to beer and cider. To find out more about Free Public Wines, visit us at In Bend, you can find Free Public Wine at Newport Market and also in AK, AZ, CA, OR and WA.

We make West Coast wines

When you pick up a can of Free Public Wine, you are picking up a little piece of the West. You are picking up the wine and it’s sourcing from some of the best vineyards up and down the coast. From sunscreen to puffy coats we know that diversity is what creates character and an incredible glass of wine. The very idea of canning wine gives you freedom. So, by it’s nature and attitude, we also capture the feeling of exploration, openness and inclusion with a hint of rebellion in our winemaking.

Why free?

We are all free. We are born free. Your first name should have been free. We are free from the glass house we grew up in, free to roam, free to chill, free to be whoever or whatever we want to be and to experience joy and awe and the responsibility that comes with protecting that for others to experience. It’s really a state of mind. And now we are free to take some great wine along with us on our journeys. We hope you’ll join us and bring us along on your next adventure.