Freespirit Recreation

Adventure Vehicle Tents, Trailers & Gear

When it comes to camping, Freespirit Recreation has what you need. From roof top tents, to trailer tents, to changing rooms and awning tents, we’ve got you covered. With so many choices, you should have no trouble finding the tent you need to compliment your outdoor lifestyle.

The original founder of one of the largest roof top tent (RTT) companies in the nation also founded Freespirit Recreation May 2014 in Bend, Oregon. The creation of Freespirit Recreation allowed us to go beyond the standard roof top tents and create, completely distinct overlanding innovations. Industry leading roof top tent materials, unique axle-less and unibody trailers and one of a kind overlanding gear has become, our focus. We are excited to share all of it with our customers who love to camp as much as we do!

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