Wild Roots Vodka

All Natural Fruit Infused Vodka

Wild Roots Vodka represents the best of the Northwest.  In the crowded world of vodka, something was missing. There were no natural options. Artificial fruit extracts, flavors, and colors lined the shelves, and we knew something had to be done. So through our desire for naturally infused spirits, Wild Roots was born.

The quality of our Wild Roots Vodka begins with one of a kind water from the Pacific Northwest. We then use real lava rock from the Cascade Mountain range to recreate Mother Nature’s filtration system. The end result is an unforgettably smooth spirit as unique as the land from which it comes.

As natives to the Pacific Northwest, we knew there were few places in the world that produced fruit as flavorful and abundant as Oregon’s Willamette Valley. The rich soil, pure water, and exceptional climate allow the fruit to develop unparalleled taste and balance – which is crucial for creating an authentic tasting spirit.

Each bottle of Wild Roots starts with a five-time distilled and five-time filtered grain-based vodka, infused with over a pound of natural Northwest-grown fruit. To capture the essence of the beautiful Northwest, we chose fruits that weren’t only rich in flavor, but history as well.

Try our Wild Roots Oregon Marionberry Vodka. The marionberry is the perfect combination of sweet and tart. Once opened, Wild Roots’ Oregon Marionberry Vodka exudes a natural, aromatic bouquet and intense marionberry flavor.  Or try our Wild Roots Oregon Raspberry Infused Vodka, The red raspberries in the Northwest are known for their radiant red color and powerful flavor. By using superior quality berries, Wild Roots is able to create the most authentic tasting vodka.  In addition, try our Washington Apple and Cinnamon infused vodka. Washington Apple & Cinnamon is Wild Roots‘ most complex and unique spirit yet. The natural sweetness of Northwest apples is complimented by a touch of cinnamon.

Take Wild Roots Vodka with you on your next adventure.

To hear more of our story and try our unique spirits, please visit Cascade Street Distillers tasting room. We’d love to pour you a glass.

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