Crater Lake National Park

Deepest lake in the USA, short drive from Bend, Oregon.

The blue. You’ll first look at Crater Lake National Park and wonder about the blue. How can a lake be that blue? The short answer is because the deepest lake in the country is filled with 4.6 trillion gallons of some of the purest, clearest water in the world. The longer answer has to do with molecules and other science-stuff. You can learn more about that when you get there – just 90 minutes south of Bend.


Visitors can drive or bicycle around Crater Lake or enjoy one of the many interpretive hikes within the National Park. Pamper yourself with a stay at the rustic Crater Lake lodge. Several campgrounds are also on site, giving you a chance to spread out those views over several days.


And if the views from above aren’t enough, take the one mile hike down to the water’s edge where you can take a dip or fish for trout or salmon.