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Maupin is home to just 500 year-round residents—but that sparse population betrays an outsized number of outdoor recreation opportunities around town (not to mention a few outstanding eateries for when you need to refuel after a day in the sun).

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Things To Do In Maupin


Best Time to Visit Maupin, Oregon

Maupin sits almost entirely within a rocky canyon along the Lower Deschutes River, surrounded on all sides by expansive high desert and rolling hillsides. That location shields the cozy community from harsh weather and creates a pleasant climate all year long. Here’s a more detailed breakdown of Maupin’s seasons.


Springtime highs in Maupin range from 55º in March to 75º in June, with sunny skies dominating the forecast. It’s the perfect time to see the namesake waterfall at White River Falls State Park at its thundering peak—and to fish the Deschutes River’s crystal-clear waters for coveted rainbow trout.


There's no bad time to be in Maupin—but there's something especially blissful about summer, when high temperatures range from 75º to 90º. Those endless sunny days provide the perfect weather for rafting the whitewater rapids of the Deschutes River.


Take full advantage of the sunny skies and crisp fall air with a ride on the 33-mile Sherar’s Falls Scenic Bikeway, which begins and ends in Maupin—and visits many of the region's most beloved natural sites.


Daytime highs in winter typically range from 45º to 50º, and the community's location within a river canyon shields it from seasonal winds. Kick back at one of Maupin's creative eateries, or imbibe with a cold one at the Rainbow Tavern, which pours ales and lagers from nearby Mt.. Hood Brewing Co.


About Maupin

Sitting along the Deschutes River at the northern edge of Central Oregon, the city of Maupin feels like a mirage in more ways than one. For starters, the city (of about 500 year-round residents) is located largely at the base of the Deschutes River canyon, flanked on either side by dusty rock walls and rolling hills—so it’s entirely possible to approach the top of the canyon (just five minutes from downtown Maupin) and not realize the city is even there.

In another sense, the sheer volume of outdoor recreation in and around Maupin, coupled with its never-ending natural beauty, lends a “mirage”-like vibe to your experiences around town. Go white water rafting in the Deschutes River’s famed rapids, fish for redsides in its crystal-clear waters, and top it all off with a locally sourced meal or regionally brewed pint in the midst of the charming community. Whatever your day outdoors looks like, you’ll find plenty to enjoy around Maupin—even if you can't quite convince yourself it’s not a mirage.

Maupin, OR 97037, USA
Entrance to the Imperial River Co.

Stay in Maupin

You won't find any big-name hotel chains in Maupin; in their place, rather, are locally run outposts that cater to the active traveler with a down-home environment, wide range of amenities, and easy access to the Deschutes River. (In some cases, the river can be reached simply by walking outside your room.) So while you're planning your next trip, here are a few of our favorite places to stay the night around Maupin. Three great options to check out include the Oasis Cabin Resort, The River Run Lodge, and the Imperial River Co Lodge.

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Dine In Maupin

Fuel up after a day outdoors. A day outdoors isn't over until you've sat down for that first, filling meal afterward; fortunately, Maupin offers plenty of eateries for indulging after a few hours on the water. The Riverside, for instance, boasts upscale takes on American classics with salads, sandwiches, and hearty entrées (think macaroni and cheese, ribs, and steak); outdoor seating, live music, and a full bar add to the atmosphere. And if you're looking to make dinner back at camp or have a picnic along the Deschutes, stop into Maupin Market—which boasts a full-service deli, snacks, fresh produce, and an on-site liquor store. Looking to extend your stay? Here's your next guide for your stopover.

Live music in Maupin

Sip in Maupin

Maupin is home to a handful of bars that embody the town's relaxed, yet fun-loving vibe. For a classic, small-town bar experience, stop by Rainbow Tavern—which brings together a friendly atmosphere, classic pub grub (including homemade french fries), and strong drinks under one roof.

Things to Do in Maupin, OR

Chase Waterfalls

Just 15 minutes north of town sits White River Falls State Park, the heartbeat of which is a waterfall that plunges 90 feet over a basalt cliff in the midst of a rocky amphitheater. A short, steep trail heads to the base of the falls—and past a hydroelectric plant that supplied power to nearby communities between 1910 and 1960. The waterfall reaches its thundering peak in spring but can be viewed year-round from an overlook near the parking area.

Elsewhere nearby, Sherars Falls offers a glimpse at the Deschutes River's raging thrills next to a fish ladder (where you might spy leaping steelhead in summer and Chinook in fall); the falls have been used for centuries by anglers with the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs. If you're interested in exploring other parks in the area, check out our page about national and state parks in Central Oregon.

Two people hike at White River Falls State Park.

Have an Epic Rafting Adventure

Making its way north through Maupin, the Lower Deschutes River churns through town (and the surrounding high desert landscape) with class I-IV rapids—making it suited to paddlers of all skill levels. Four outfitters offer boat rentals, another handful offer point-to-point shuttle service, and around 10 showcase the Deschutes River on guided trips tailored to your experience and appetite for thrills. Want to dig deeper into our region’s famous rafting scene—both in Maupin and beyond? We've got you covered with the skinny on white water rafting in Central Oregon, not to mention a primer on the rivers of Central Oregon.

A raft goes down the Deschutes River in Maupin.

Catch Maupin’s Famous Redsides

Maupin isn't just famous for white water rafting; its fly-fishing brings visitors from around the world in search of rainbow trout (running at their peak April-June and known locally as "redsides"), summer steelhead (mid-July through late September), and chinook (at their peak May-July and September-October). A handful of local guide services are happy to show you the ropes, share fruitful fishing spots, and assist with gear and permits. Of course, Maupin is just one of many world-class angling destinations around the region; learn more about fishing in Central Oregon.

Two people fly fish on the Deschutes River in Maupin.