Travel To Terrebonne, Oregon

Terrebonne sits surrounded by scenic high-desert landscapes—and boasts plenty of opportunities for enjoying the views, from hiking trails to hot air balloon rides. And if you’d like to sample a taste of Central Oregon, Terrebonne has you covered.

Here’s a guide to things to do in Terrebonne, Oregon.


When to Visit Terrebonne

It's never a bad time to visit Terrebonne—but a little planning can go a long way. Here’s a guide to enjoying each season around the community.


High temperatures can routinely hit 85-90ºF around Terrebonne, and rainfall is almost unheard of. This is the busiest time of year around town, with restaurants routinely filling and Smith Rock State Park receiving its heaviest influx of visitors. Time your outings to early mornings, late afternoons, or even early evenings to enjoy a little solitude.


Crisp fall days usually bring high temperatures of 50-65ºF, with the season’s first frost usually appearing by October. Sunshine reigns supreme while the Cascades get their first dusting of snow. This may be the best time of year to visit Smith Rock State Park, thanks to pleasant temperatures, predictable weather, and smaller crowds.


High temperatures hover around 40ºF for most of winter, when crisp blue skies abound. Some attractions (such as Big Sky Balloon Co.) may be closed for the season.


The high desert comes alive with wildflower blooms, warmer temperatures (where highs can reach 65-75ºF), and wildlife emerging from a long winter. Most seasonal attractions open for the year in spring.


About Terrebonne

To most visitors, the community of Terrebonne, sitting between Redmond and Madras on US-97, is synonymous with nearby Smith Rock State Park. Just northeast of town, the park is known the world over for its rock climbing routes, scenic hiking trails, striking rock formations, bucolic nature, small campground, and more.

But to leave it there sells short the many attractions in and around Terrebonne (which means “good earth” in French—an apt description, to be sure). Hot air balloon excursions, challenging golf courses, relaxing horseback rides, autumn attractions, and full plates of thoughtfully prepared food await visitors who slow down and spend time around Terrebonne.

Terrebonne, OR, USA
A man and woman enjoy a drink at SCP Redmond.

Stay Near Terrebonne

You won't find much lodging in the community of Terrebonne; the closest overnight stay is at nearby Smith Rock State Park, where a seasonal bivouac welcomes tent campers on a first-come, first-served basis between early spring and late fall. If you'd rather fall into a comfortable bed after a long day outdoors, you'll find plenty of hotels and motels in Redmond (just a 10-minute drive away) and Madras (just more than 20 minutes away).

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Dine in Terrebonne

Terrebonne hosts a few eateries and pubs that dish a variety of satisfying meals and pour a terrific drink. Perhaps the most famous eatery in town is Terrebonne Depot, serving pub grub and American fare (think burgers, sandwiches, rib eye, and fish and chips) in a converted rail depot that dates back to 1911.

Another popular stop around town is Pump House Bar and Grill, which boasts your favorite bar food and snacks (from pan-fried oysters and towering plates of nachos to beefy burgers, decadent pasta dishes, and perfectly cooked steaks) along with a full bar and occasional live music. Want to learn more? Find out about other restaurants in the area.

a man and woman sitting by a pond drinking wine outdoors

Sip in Terrebonne

The Terrebonne area is home to a pair of Central Oregon’s best-known wineries. Faith, Hope and Charity Vineyards is named in honor of the Three Sisters mountains, and its vineyards show off sweeping views of the iconic Cascade peaks—creating one of the region's most dramatic backdrops; the winery’s estate-grown varietals and creative blends include merlot, cabernet sauvignon, and a barbera.

And just north of Terrebonne, Maragas Winery embraces organic farming practices to craft numerous European-inspired varietals, including a petit verdot, tempranillo, and chardonnay. Wine not your style? We've got you covered with other suggestions in Terrebonne, Oregon and nearby Redmond.

Things to Do in Terrebonne, Oregon

Visit Smith Rock State Park

Perhaps the most popular outdoor destination in all of Central Oregon, Smith Rock State Park sits just 10 minutes from Terrebonne and is the birthplace of sport climbing in the United States. Nearly 2,000 routes adorn the sun-soaked rock walls around the park, making it a popular year-round challenge for climbing in Central Oregon.

In addition, several miles of hiking, mountain biking, and equestrian trails follow the Crooked River (which flows through the park) and ascend to sweeping viewpoints that show off the Central Oregon expanse. If visiting in spring and summer, try to arrive by 9am—on a weekday, if possible—to ensure a parking spot and enjoy solitude; fall and winter offer a quieter experience, along with only the occasional dusting of snow. And if you want the skinny on trails at Smith Rock—and elsewhere around the region—learn more about hiking in Central Oregon, and see how to preserve the park’s trails with this short video.

an ariel view of the rocky pillars of smith rock

High Sky Views

Our region's landscapes extend from snow-covered Cascade peaks to old-growth forests to sweeping high desert, so it can be tough to see all that natural beauty in one trip. Big Sky Balloon Co. helps you see it all with hot air balloon flights that depart from the Smith Rock State Park area, just outside Terrebonne, between May and October. On a clear day, 360-degree views along the three-hour adventure cover nine Cascade peaks, numerous cinder cones, and a wide range of wildlife (including bald eagles and red-tailed hawks). What's next? Find out about other tours around the region.

an air balloon high in the sky

Kid-Friendly Activities

Visit a working alpaca ranch: Just a half-mile south of Terrebonne, Crescent Moon Ranch hosts several alpacas that can be seen up-close all year long. In addition to the ranch itself, visitors can stop by the on-site store, where a variety of items crafted from alpaca fiber are available for purchase. Visit in March and April to see the year’s first babies.

Bring the family to a pumpkin patch in Terrebonne: Smith Rock Ranch sits just east of town and produces a mix of carrots, onions, and bluegrass seed—but is best known for growing pumpkins and hosting one of the region's most celebrated pumpkin patch celebrations every fall. Seasonal highlights leading up to Halloween include pumpkin cannons, a corn maze, pony rides, a petting zoo, an off-leash play area for dogs, face painting, and more. Of course, families can also find the perfect pumpkin to carve back home. Learn about other kid-friendly activities within the region.

A family feeds alpacas.

Hop in the Saddle

With craggy rock formations, meadows awash in sagebrush, and no shortage of sunshine, Central Oregon can feel at times like the Old West—so embrace your inner cowboy or cowgirl and hop in the saddle for a horseback riding tour just outside of Terrebonne. Smith Rock Trail Rides launches each ride from a private ranch, follows the banks of the Crooked River, and affords views of the stunning Smith Rock State Park area; group sizes are limited to four or fewer (which allows for a cozier, more relaxed experience), and rides generally last 1.5 hours. And if you’d like to ride a steed elsewhere around the region, learn more about horseback riding in Central Oregon.

A cowboy looks out at Smith Rock State Park.