Haunted Houses & Ghost Tours in Bend, Oregon

Whether you’re walking in the shadow of brick buildings around downtown Bend or grabbing a bite in historic structures elsewhere in town, it’s hard not to feel a tinge of reverence for Central Oregon’s history. In the early 1900s, after all, scores of ranchers, loggers, and businessmen of all stripes descended on Bend to strike it rich and establish themselves in the growing community.

Today, echoes of the past abound around Bend—sometimes literally. That’s because the city’s myriad landmarks guard the buried secrets of its past, with more than a few reports of unexplained voices, footsteps in otherwise empty rooms, and other paranormal hauntings.

So with Halloween fast approaching, we wanted to show why Bend is such a great destination for amateur investigators and history buffs alike. These are just some of the allegedly haunted buildings and businesses to check out while visiting Bend, Oregon:

Want to see for yourself? Read on for more about ghost tours and haunted houses in Bend, Oregon—if you dare.

Deschutes Historical Museum

In 1914, contractor George Brosterhous was working on the roof of a third-floor schoolhouse in downtown Bend when he fell to the ground—and to his death. More than a century later, it is said that his ghost haunts that building—which now houses the Deschutes Historical Museum.

Today, you can look for the ghost of George Brosterhous while exploring Deschutes County’s past at the captivating museum, which dives into local history through exhibits that cover a wide range of topics—like mid-1900s tourism in Central Oregon, regional forests, and the area’s Native American populations. And as Halloween approaches, check the museum’s events page for history tours and other seasonal events.

An exhibit at Deschutes Historical Museum in Bend, Oregon

O’Kane Building in Downtown Bend

The historic O’Kane Building pictured under a dark sky in Downtown Bend

The O’Kane Building sits at the corner of NW Oregon Ave. and NW Bond St. in downtown Bend, hosting several businesses—including Smith Rock Records (which sells new and used CDs, vinyl, and cassettes), Red Chair Gallery (specializing in fine and contemporary art), and Chomp Chomp (dishing ramen, wings, whiskey, and more in a chic atmosphere).

Get beyond the crispy wings and rockin’ tunes, however, and you might hear the ghost of businessman Hugh O’Kane, who in 1916 constructed the building on the site of a hotel that had burned down the year before. O’Kane lived in the building with his family for a time and remained active there until shortly before his death in 1930.

Nearly a century later, employees and visitors have reported hearing O’Kane’s footsteps and voice inside—and have even claimed to see an elderly man patrolling the spine-tingling basement. You can’t head downstairs to check for yourself, but who knows who you might run into around the historic building?

Café des Chutes and Iron Works Building

In 1912, a few ironworks buildings were constructed on Bend’s eastside to help bolster the community’s growing timber industry and to craft tools from iron and steel. As the town’s lumber fortunes faded throughout the 1900s, the old-school brick buildings fell into obscurity—until a new generation of makers, crafters, and restaurateurs moved into the neighborhood and turned it into the Ironworks Art District—a hip, community gathering space.

One of the most prominent buildings in the district (the site of a former payroll office) is today home to Café des Chutes, a European-inspired eatery serving sandwiches, pastries, and other light bites (often with a vegan- or gluten-free focus). Long before the café moved in, however, the building housed The Sparrow Bakery—whose employees reported numerous ghost stories over the years.

Outside of Café des Chutes, open daily from 8am-2pm in Bend, OR

Bend Ghost Tours

Get spooked with Bend Ghost Tours and see historic and haunted buildings throughout downtown

Want some assistance for your trip into Bend’s paranormal past? Sign up for an outing with Bend Ghost Tours, where a guide will take you through the haunted streets and alleyways of downtown Bend while regaling you with stories of the city’s most notable ghosts.

Ghost lovers and history buffs can choose among two historically accurate and unique tours. The two-hour Ghosts & Legends of Downtown Bend tour is geared toward adults and older children (where topics covered include prohibition, brothels, and murder), while the Lights On Frights outing lasts 75 minutes and is suited to children 5 and older; the latter—more spooky than scary—includes an interactive walk through Brooks Alley in downtown Bend, complete with storytelling, history, and a choral performance.

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