The Best Restaurants in Redmond, Oregon

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The secret’s out on Redmond: The city of nearly 40,000 has revitalized its charming downtown through the years, and a new generation of chefs, brewers, and food cart operators have responded by opening some of the top eateries and restaurants in Redmond, Oregon.

These days, you’ll find fare from all over the world; Mexican, sushi, Italian, Chinese, and other classic cuisines are all on the menu around Redmond—along with creative pizzas, filling burgers, and other comfort food dishes. And since Redmond is home to some of the best restaurants in Central Oregon, we’ve put together a guide to some of the city’s best culinary offerings, from the quick and casual to the elegant and upscale.

International Cuisine in Redmond, Oregon

Redmond is home to a thriving food scene, as evidenced by the myriad choices for fare from around the world you’ll find in town.

Hungry for Mexican? La Frontera is a local favorite and one of the top Mexican restaurants in Redmond, Oregon; its menu of appetizing Mexican cuisine ranges from breakfast dishes (such as chorizo and eggs) to classic lunch and dinner fare (including gorditas, sopes, enchiladas, and tacos). Nearby, Rigoberto’s Taco Shop serves a wide variety of Mexican dishes—but is beloved for its tacos, which come filled with nearly 11 different protein choices.

Redmond is no stranger to meat and seafood, either; Madaline’s Grill and Steakhouse is a long-running Redmond restaurant whose menu features dozens of delectable items—including steak and seafood dishes, fajitas, burritos, and pasta dishes.

Hankering for delicious sushi? Look no further than Oishi Japanese Restaurant, where the namesake translates to tasty, delicious or scrumptious. This Redmond restaurant serves up fresh food using authentic culinary techniques and they have a variety of menu items ranging from specialty sushi rolls, noodles, to bento boxes, traditional entrées and more.

And if you’re trying to keep it light without sacrificing flavor, see what’s new at Terra Kitchen—the in-house restaurant at SCP Redmond Hotel. Terra Kitchen bills itself as a “plant-forward” eatery that leans heavily on locally grown ingredients (some picked fresh from the hotel’s rooftop garden) and finds inspiration in coastal Mediterranean cuisine; while it changes all the time, the menu might include stuffed cabbage, eggplant tagine, and paella valenciana.

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Top Culinary Cuisine Options in Downtown Redmond

These days, downtown Redmond is bustling with boutiques, bookstores, and all manner of inventive eateries. The next time you’re strolling through the city’s historic downtown district, here are a few ideas for enjoying plenty of good food.

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Food carts at Wild Ride Brewing: One of the landmark destinations in downtown Redmond, Wild Ride Brewing is home to four food carts that pair well with its award-winning ales and lagers. Food Fellas serves sandwiches, burgers, and fish tacos; Wild Catch dishes fresh fish and chips; Shred Town offers an eclectic lineup of tacos, yakisoba bowls, and burritos; and Red Road Pizza Co. specializes in—you guessed it—pizza. Learn more about the fun food options at Wild Ride Brewing, and explore the wide range of Central Oregon breweries for a deeper look at the region’s craft beer scene.

General Duffy’s Waterhole: A few blocks south of Wild Ride Brewing sits another food cart pod: General Duffy’s Waterhole. The pod comprises four carts that serve a variety of cuisines (from Philly cheesesteaks to Asian fusion dishes) and a taphouse that pours 20 craft ales and lagers from Pacific Northwest breweries. An on-site Saturday market showcases artisan items and locally grown fare each summer, as well. And if you’re still looking for quality craft brews and other tasty drinks in the area, check out our bar guide to Central Oregon.

Brickhouse: This low-lit steakhouse, in the heart of Redmond, is known for quality and an upscale atmosphere that matches its menu. Brickhouse prides itself on dishing USDA Prime steaks, wild-caught seafood, and scratch-made pasta; its wine bar, rich with selections from around the world, adds to the elegance.

Diego’s Spirited Kitchen: Since 2009, Diego’s Spirited Kitchen has earned acclaim for its wide-ranging menu that blends inventive Mexican cuisine (such as coconut shrimp tacos) with fare from all over the world; items range from a barbecue pulled pork sandwich to ravioli stuffed with carnitas and doused in a chipotle-lime cream.

Old Fashioned Burgers and Pizza

Sure, Redmond hosts upscale fare and cuisine from all over the world—but what about when you’re looking to nosh on a hearty burger or split a pizza with the family? Good news: Redmond hosts several burger joints and pizzerias well worth your time. We couldn’t begin to list every last one, but these should whet your appetite.

Redmond Burger Company: The locally owned burger joint launched in 2008 and has since become a Redmond favorite for its commitment to all things fresh: All of the 100% fresh chuck roast patties at Redmond Burger Company are pressed by hand (and made to order), its burger buns are baked fresh daily, sauces are made in-house, and french fries are cut by hand.

Bogey’s Burgers: The Redmond-based Bogey’s Burgers boasts a robust menu that includes salads, wings, and grilled fare—but its juicy burgers naturally steal the show. Bogey’s buns are baked locally and delivered daily, its toppings are consistently fresh, and diners can enjoy desserts from Eberhard’s Dairy Products—another Redmond-born outfit.

Cibelli’s Pizza: Ask a dozen folks who makes the best pizza in Central Oregon, and you’ll get nearly as many answers—but Cibelli’s Pizza is routinely part of that conversation. The pizzeria—started by a native New Yorker—boasts a variety of pies, all piled high with fresh ingredients and showcasing a wide range of flavor combinations. In addition to its toppings, Cibelli’s dough is made fresh daily and tossed by hand.

Grace and Hammer Pizzeria: Housed in a former church, Grace and Hammer Pizzeria offers a memorable dining experience and imbues each of its pies with an almost religious zeal for creativity, thoughtfulness, and fresh flavors. The pizzeria sources its ingredients locally, whenever possible, and routinely updates its offerings to reflect what’s in-season. Toppings range from the conventional (such as pepperoni and Italian sausage) to the eclectic (including manchego cheese, lemon herb chicken breast, truffle oil, and Korean kalbi sauce).

Still hungry? Wondering where else to eat around the region? We’ve got you covered with our food guide to Central Oregon.

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