Our Favorite Sledding Hills in and Near Sunriver

Snow Sledding in Sunriver, Oregon

The town of Sunriver sits on the edge of Deschutes National Forest, surrounded by tall Ponderosa pines and, as the name suggests, plenty of sunshine and the meandering Deschutes River. However, Sunriver isn’t just a great spot to spend sunny days on the water. The town gets an annual 50 inches of snow, about 20 inches more than the nearby city of Bend receives, on average. Central Oregon weather can vary heavily within relatively small areas, and Sunriver is a huge benefactor of this. As a result, snow in Sunriver falls fast and hard, and leads to the perfect opportunities to break out winter sleds. Whether it’s an old school tobogan or something a bit more modern, be sure to visit Sunriver and the surrounding area for plenty of sledding options.

Night tubing at the SHARC

Sledding Hills in Sunriver

Looking for a great Sunriver tubing hill? The best sledding in Sunriver, Oregon happens at the Winter Tubing Hill at the Sunriver Homeowners Aquatic and Recreation Center, or SHARC. Thanks to an artificial surface called Nevaplast, this hill can remain open to sledders and tubers outside of the usual snow season. Located near The Village shopping center, the SHARC is conveniently located for all residents and visitors of Sunriver in a central and easy to find location. Outside of this hill, most of the sledding in Sunriver is DIY, where homeowners and guests renting properties slide on hills in their own backyards.

Sledding at Sno-Parks near Sunriver

If you are willing to drive a bit (we promise it’ll be scenic), the Wanoga Sno-Park is a great option for sledding. While the hike to the top of this hill is a steep one, the action on the way down is that much more fun. It isn’t uncommon to see kids building snowy ramps and jumps to hit. Just a recommendation: be careful! This steep hill can rack up high speeds when compared to other sledding hills in the area. However, those with a need for speed will feel right at home. From Sunriver, the drive to Wanoga Sno-Park is 20-30 minutes depending on road conditions.

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