SIRSY is Melanie Krahmer on drums, bass pads, flute, and vocals – and Rich Libutti on guitar and pedal bass. Melanie hit every note perfectly as she sang. Rich’s skillful guitar playing created the full musical sound and didn’t leave any empty spots in the tunes from only having two players, like Jack White of the White Stripes sometimes did. All of that created the perfect frame for us to be amazed by what Melanie was doing. You kind of have to see it to understand it. It’s not a gimmick band. They’re seriously good, balanced and practiced. Highly talented, “edgy-feel-good” and fun to watch, you gotta go see them.” — Wayne Brodd, Houston Music Blog (Houston, TX)

“Killer rock guitar riffs that are every schoolboy’s dream.” — Instrumental Magazine (Scotland)

“This is EXACTLY what the heart and spirit of SXSW has always been about… Pouring their souls out and rocking the shit outta the crowd, was SIRSY…phenomenal! SIRSY is NOT simply a two piece, they are a head scratching, WOW! The guitar player is flawless and raw. Clean enough to be enjoyed, and just edgy enough to make you grin. The lead singer/drummer/bass player was stunning. With a great voice and an even better smile, the drummer is the center of attention, as she should be. Singing and playing drums has always been an impressive task. Now throw in the bass tracks and work that AT THE SAME TIME…DAMN! This is the complete package in a fun sized, rock and roll, smiling laughing, have a good goddamn time with your friends, band!” — William Tompkins, SXSW Music Blog (Austin TX)

May 4, 2024


07:00 PM - 10:00 PM


Silver Moon Brewing 24 NW Greenwood Avenue Bend, Oregon United States

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