The Dirksen Derby 16 Snowboard Rally Race returns to Mt. Bachelor this December 15-17, 2023! This iconic event invites the international Snowboard and Sit-Ski communities together for an incredibly fun and memorable weekend full of strong friendships, intense competition, and fond memories. This event features 100% hand-crafted Parallel Banked Slalom race courses, which have been built at a different location on the lower mountain of Mt. Bachelor every year since the Dirksen Derby's inception in 2007. The goal of the Derby is to give everyone the chance to race down the same course —  from the top pros to the youngest groms.


Each registered racer will take one timed run down both banked slalom courses, for a final combined time at the end of the weekend. Fastest time wins! Offering Men, Women, and Open divisions for Snowboarders, Sit-Skiers, and Splitboarders of all ages — from Mini-Shreds (as young as 5 years old) to Rajas (over 70 years old) — the Dirksen Derby features a total of 500 on-hill racers spread out over 20 divisions. Racers will take one timed run down either the Red or Green course on Saturday, then one timed run down the opposite course on Sunday for a final combined time. Organized Practice will be available for all racers on Friday and early morning on Saturday and Sunday. The location of the course will be decided 10 days prior to the race. Check back for updates!

December 15, 2023 - December 17, 2023


Mt Bachelor Oregon United States

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