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Come join us at The Sanctuary for a guided meditation with Shiv followed by a transcendent musical journey with AHME.

East meets West is an innovative collaboration of the wisdom of the East through guided talk meditation and wisdom of the West through healing music. An improvisation performance of hand pans, Native American flutes, silver flute, didgeridoo, drums and singing.

Shiv will create an atmosphere of mindful relaxation and Ahme will invite through music the connection to deepen the experience of meditation. When the river meets the ocean there is joy of coming home for the stream of water. When silence meets music the soul comes home with joy to the eternal love.

Shiv is a visionary who believes truth of life can only be experienced through simplicity. He shatters Western and Eastern dogmas of spiritual ideology of ‘doing to achieve’ by his profound message that everything is felt through non-doing and letting

AHME brings an eclectic and captivating performance that has many layers. Miguel integrates his twenty years of spiritual knowledge and practices, to their performance through conversation, lyrics and ritual. The intent of A.H.M.E – a healing musical experience, is to create a unique musical dialog that allows us to get honest and vulnerable with each other, creating a vessel for participants to release, connect, and be in bliss.

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December 15, 2019


01:30 PM - 03:30 PM


Oregon United States

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