Thursday, February 29th is going to be a hare different, full of hoppiness and joy because we've got an extra day this year - plenty of time for sipping beer, tasting cocktails and savoring burgers, because on this magical, disappearing day, there's no such thing as calories. Join us for specials, a Frog Hunt with chance to win an overnight stay, hotel discount and free brownies for Leap Year birthdays!

Leap Day Specials

Brother Brian's Bonus Day Behemoth Add an extra burger patty to any burger for $2 Leap Year Cocktail $10 Made with McMenamins spirits: Penney's Gin, Cheshire Orange and Sweet Vermouth, chilled and served up Frog Hunt When you spy a frog in the art at any McMenamins, take a selfie with it and email on Thursday, February 29 to to be entered to win an overnight stay at the McMenamins hotel of your choice. Please note: not every location has a frog. Leap Day Birthday Prize If you were born on a Leap Day, show your ID to your server and receive a free brownie. Happy birthday! *Hotel Special* Stay two nights at any McMenamins hotel over Leap Day, and get 29% off your Thursday night stay! 2-night minimum. Mention Leap Day in comments when booking online or call to book. Add 2/29 to an existing reservation (including 2/28 or 3/1) or make a new reservation that includes 2/29.

February 29, 2024


McMenamins Oregon United States

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