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Hailing from Minneapolis & St. Paul, Minnesota and founded by childhood friends within the vibrant Minneapolis music scene, Pert Near’s chemistry hearkens back to the family bands of yesteryear. They cut straight to the heart across the musical landscape of the Great North and beyond. Formed soon after the turn of the millennium, they have been tireless stewards of the midwestern roots music community ever since. Privileged with co-founding, curating and hosting the prestigious Blue Ox Music Festival, Pert Near performs with infectious energy and an undeniable joy. Strong songcraft melds with old-time sensibilities in a unique brand of modern string band music delivered to fans around the world. Their new album, ‘Rising Tide’, reaches a new height in their songwriting, addressing issues directly relating to our modern times and not holding back commentary on politics and society. Touring from the Great North on the regular, they bring their performances Northwest across to Southeast and often to central Europe. Waiting Days -  Pert Near Sandstone delivers another album of all original songs, recorded over the harshest months of a midwestern winter. ‘Waiting Days,’ their eighth studio album, has all the strengths of its four songwriters offering responses to each other’s compositions. After almost twenty years together, their music has grown to reflect that of a band of brothers. As longtime stewards of the modern stringband revival, their studio recordings have continuously pulled the genre toward a more contemporary perspective, meditating on the present and rich with reference. This isn’t music reaching for the banality of pop hits, instead they provide fresh air for blades of new grass to grow in. The intimacy of collaboration is at the heart of this album, adding textures of guest artists that reflect Pert Near’s genuine intentions to further the acoustic community that has been their cornerstone. “...I want to take you with me when I go.” Let’s get ready. Now is our time. The waiting days are over.

October 19, 2023


07:00 PM


Volcanic Theater Pub 70 SW Century Drive Bend, Oregon United States

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