Sparking Women’s Innate Glow, Inspiration, Power, & Wisdom

Journey of 4 Seasons to Bloom your Radiance

Enrich Your Life with Dance, Yoga, Shakti Practices, Ritual, Self-Care, Community

Only 16 spots available to create this sacred space

This Revival is because the wellness of our world needs women to live from our wisdom, power, and Radiance. When you join this world wide Revival, you and everyone around you benefits. Among the diversity of practices and trainings in this program, you are encouraged to immerse yourself in dance, yoga, and sacred movement as a resource to develop your most wise and empowered aspects and expression of Self, that often dwell in unreachable places… that movement can set free.

Embodied Feminine Wisdom > Cultivate your Dedication, Discipline, Devotion

We invoke Ancient Shakti Temples and related Wisdoms that have traversed time and place to guide, inspire, and remind us who we truly are, beyond our mundane world and daily demands.

~ Yogini Secrets & Empowerment Practices, ancient & new

~ Breathwork – Pranayama

~ Shakti Energy Management

~ Meditations, Mind Wrangling, Visualizations

~ Inner Landscape Gardening, aka: Transformational

Work Your Rhythm to Thrive! In this supportive container, you receive the encouragement to cultivate your desire & discipline to commit to what nourishes & acknowledge what does not…

~ Inspired Healthy Habits: from morning to night

~ Empowered Nutrition: Foods, Herbs, Happy Hormones

~ Daily Rituals: from subtle to substantial ~ Bridge your Sacred Inner World with the Mundane Outer World Explore, Know, Live your Truth, Essence, Pleasure, Power

~ Together we link arms in these timely processes so you can compassionately let go of the past, to courageously embody who you truly are now. This work calls for Power in Numbers! We do this together, Sister… for ourselves, for our mothers & their mothers, for our children.

In this strong container with clear steps to follow, remember & reclaim your authentic YOU:

~ Bust outdated programs – family, society, media, status quo

~ Recognize & Honor the needs of your body, emotions, spirit

~ Unleashed & Unlimited: your body, heart, energy fully vitalized

Together, we create this Radiance Revival

Doors open for enrollment through June 21st 2024.


June 21, 2024 - February 21, 2025


09:00 AM


Oregon United States

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