Hosted By: Elaine Johnson Starring:  Alex Cruikshank  Billy Brant Jodi Compton Secret Comedians ***** ***** ***** ****** **** ******* What is Secret “Santa” Stand-Up? 5 Comics will each give you 10 mins of holly jolly Stand-Up. After the 5 comedians perform, we give them a set prepared by a secret comedian & they will perform that set for the first time on stage.  Each comedian will draw a name & prepare a set for a comedian as to be a Christmas gift on Christmas Eve Eve.  All of us comedians are “transplants” and have created a family within our community!!!! We want you to be apart of it! Bring a gift & get a discount at the door!!! All Participants Will Be Entered In A Secret Game! JUST VISITING?!? Never too late to join our family! JUST bring a bigger gift!;) If you are currently creating & sharing art in Bend, let us know! We will get you in for $5 at the door. We are here to make THE VIBE. We advocate safe places for Neuro Divergents, LGBTQIA+, & anyone who doesn’t feel seen. Unmask With Us!!! (Actual Masks Are Welcome! Safety First!)

December 23, 2023


08:00 PM


Volcanic Theater Pub 70 SW Century Drive Bend, Oregon United States

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