Get ready for a star-spangled, first amendment loving, laugh-filled evening at The Capitol in Downtown Bend! Due to overwhelming demand and explosive success, we’re thrilled to host another round of the comedy competition that has everyone talking. This isn’t just any comedy show—it’s a comedic duel that puts you in the judge’s seat, all in the spirit of Independence Day! The Competition: Round 1: Kick off the night with four brave comedians who each bring a 10-minute set packed with their sharpest jokes. Prepare to be dazzled by their wit and humor—fireworks for your funny bone! Round 2: Experience the thrill of spontaneity! At the door, you’ll drop your ideas—whether it’s quirky thoughts, trending topics, or anything that makes you chuckle—into a jar. Watch as our comedians pull these prompts and engage in a 25-minute improv challenge, crafting punchlines in real-time using all forms of comedy. Your Role: You’re more than an audience member—you’re part of the competition! After the improv, cast your vote to determine which comedian will claim the title of the night’s top comic. Who will be the comedic patriot of the evening? You decide! Why You Can’t Miss This: "So You Think You Got Jokes?" consistently delivers a night of non-stop laughter, making it a standout in Bend's entertainment scene. Perfect for comedy lovers and those looking for a memorable night out, this Independence Day edition adds an extra dose of patriotic fun. Don’t miss out on this unique blend of laughter, creativity, and community. Purchase your tickets now for a night where luck, laughter, and liberty meet! Get your tickets today—because nothing says freedom like free speech and unfiltered laughter!

July 5, 2024


07:00 PM - 08:30 PM


The Capitol 190 NW Oregon Ave. Oregon United States

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