Join Faith,Hope & Charity Vineyards and the Sisters Astronomy Club for a night under the Terrebonne stars with gourmet charcuterie and our award-winning wine.  The Astronomy Club members led by Jim Hammond and Ron Thorkildson will be our guides to the Terrebonne night sky with telescopes to view astronomical sights and learn about constellations and the wonders of the night sky. The beautiful planets, Saturn and Jupiter, will be in excellent position for viewing and the drama of the southern Milky Way with its many nebulas and star clusters will be still giving its show as seen in the spectacular summer months. Objects to be viewed include galaxies, star clusters, planetary nebulas and colorful double stars. We will be guided through the summer and fall constellations by experts and several club members will be available to give personal attention to visitors curious about details of telescopes and the night sky.


$125 - includes entry for one, a bottle of our award-winning ine, 2 FHC wine glasses, and charcuterie PLUS a great astronomy experience


$150 - includes entry for two, a bottle of our award-winning wine, 2 FHC wine glasses, and charcuterie  PLUS a great astronomy experience


Please bring a camp chair, binoculars, your own telescope if you own one, and dress for the weather. There is a chance we will need to reschedule if viewing conditions are not optimal. The astronomers ask for no incoming traffic after 7pm and no outgoing traffic until it's over around 10pm. This will help eliminate light pollution that will affect viewing. 


September 25, 2022


06:30 PM - 10:00 PM


70450 NW Lower Valley Dr Terrebonne, Oregon United States

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$125 Individual; $150 couple; $75 Children 12 and Under