Wanderlust Tours is the premier destination for canoe tours in Bend, Oregon! Join us on this astounding paddle on the high elevation mountain lakes in the mighty Cascade Range.

Naturalist Guided Experience: Our renowned naturalist guides will highlight the sweet spots on these stunning lakes that might not initially meet the eye. During our 2 hours on the water, along with the fun and intrigue, we may impart an understanding of the heaven’s starlight illuminating the darkness. Age-old stories and myths mixed with astronomy will enlighten just as the stars do. The silence of the evening hours provides a chance to hear companions of the forest going about their evening activities.  Your crew will be energized with revelations about natural and cultural history that’ll keep your mind humming with delight long after you return home with fond memories of the tour.

Location: On this tour, you’ll take in the sights and sounds nighttime has to offer while paddling one of the beautiful, high-elevation Cascade Lakes. There is nothing more peaceful, or spectacular than being out on these pristine waters at night.

Plan your tour around a new or full moon with our list below!


August 15, 2024


07:00 PM - 11:00 PM


Oregon United States

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