Please note that this race has gone “virtual” due to the COVID-19 mandates.  If able, we strongly encourage runners to race on the original Salmon Run courses. Participants can run the course individually or with a small group on their own…Read more on

The Salmon Run is one of Bend’s oldest organized races.  What makes it so popular?  First, it is a true Bend tradition. Second, it is one of the first half marathons of the year in the Northwest, making it central to the local racing scene.  It is also a 10k, 5k and Little Fry event.  Because of its early-season timing, it is also the quintessential race for runners looking to build a base for future races.

“Each year, the mighty Salmon make an expedition of a lifetime back to their homes – traversing thousands of miles and overcoming countless obstacles on their river journeys. The Salmon juxtapose the infinite space of their ocean homes against the micro-streams of their birth in one monumental run. Their achievement is awesome in the true sense of the word.

In much the same way, the Salmon Run is a “homecoming” to the countless number of runners who return year after year to run this beautiful course. The completion of this race is an achievement that is nothing short of awesome.”

This beautiful course starts and finishes at the Bend Athletic Club, following the Deschutes River for much of the way.


April 5, 2020


Oregon United States

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