Los Angeles-based rising rockers The Toxhards have released their first set of tunes through Hopeless Records, after signing in September. The two new punchy singles, “(The) Coffee Song” and “October” are available to stream now.

Talking about “(The) Coffee Song” the band said :

“(The) Coffee Song is definitely an absurdist sort of satirical vignette of someone wasting away in corporate team america job hell. They're wise enough to dislike it but they will always try to convince themselves they love it. And the balance of mental collapse and blissful delusion hangs precariously on the thread of their coffee intake. This single feels like it's definitely carrying the torch forward in terms of the sort of tongue-in-cheek presentation we bring to some of our stuff, but much more manic. It feels sonically comparable to something like "Doombop!" but with its own humor.”

As for “October” the band said :

“October is actually the oldest song we've released thus far. Written in 2018, it's a meditation on a lot of mistakes I made. The lyrics remain the same as they were five years ago, however singing it now has a catharsis behind it from the benefit of experience and time.

It's now less about feeling the gravity of my mistakes, but rather the act of acceptance and forgiveness. The truth can really suck sometimes, and it's almost never convenient, but... it is the truth.”

April 26, 2024


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