Torbjørn “Nordwest EP” Description:

“Nordwest” tells a chilling story of overcoming the hardships of winter, as heard through the lenses of dubstep, golden era hip-hop, and with a touch of traditional Scandinavian folk music. Several Nordic instruments, including Norway’s national instrument “Hardanger Fiddle,” are accompanied by hard-hitting wobble bass, breakbeats, and the expert turntablism of underground hip-hop legend DJ Abilities. Both of Torbjørn’s production and emcee skills are sharply on display throughout, giving bass music and rap fans a reason to turn up. “The highs get rid of our troubles, and the lows just keep on rumbling.”
“Nordwest Tour” Description:
The “Nordwest Tour” features high energy DJ sets and live emceeing by Torbjørn, joined on tour by Nurries & Patrou. Their unique and original blend of bass and hip-hop will come to 11 west-coast cities in May/June 2023. Bellingham, Portland, and Torbjørn’s hometown show in Tacoma will experience the debut of his new full-production A/V show with featured vocalists and musicians; honoring the 50th anniversary of the birth of hip-hop with a modern take on the genre’s original four pillars; featuring live vocals, turntablism/beats, dance/flow choreography, and live painting. Tickets & info: