Under the Moon: Comedy & Friday November 17, 2023 Location: Silver Moon Brewing In The Webfoot Garage Show Starts 8 PM Hosted ByZac Featuring: Elaine Johnson Niko Smith Jessica Taylor Alex Cruikshank Vibes ByGiancarlo Anyone can DO comedy, but not everyone can do it from a place of LOVE. Under the Moon: promotes an environment where nothing is off topic, but you can expect the comedy to be handled with care & from artists who love the form. The doors open at 7 pm, plenty of time to peruse the food carts & grab a pint from the bar. At 8 pm, the show commences, promising an array of fresh and talented performers hustling their way to the top of Bend’s Talented Comedians List curated by you. If you are currently creating & sharing art in Bend, let us know! We will get you in for $5 at the door. Under the Moon: is here to make THE VIBE. We advocate safe places for Neuro Divergents, LGBTQIA+, and anyone who doesn’t feel seen. Unmask With Us!!! (Actual Masks Are Welcome! Safety First!)

November 17, 2023


08:00 PM - 12:00 AM


Silver Moon Brewing 24 NW Greenwood Avenue Bend, Oregon United States

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