This is our day to showcase all we have to offer at Sunriver Nature Center & Observatory and your opportunity to enjoy it all with no admission!


10am - Falcons:
Meet our resident falcons and learn more about these unique, speedy raptors and the adaptations they have

11am - Rocket Launch:
Getting into space requires some serious propulsion! See how its done and learn about the rockets that launch us into outer space!

Noon - Flower Dissection:
More than just a pretty face, flowers have an intricate and amazing design to accomplish the production of seeds. Learn about the parts of a flower and what each one is used for with our naturalists.

1pm - Owls:
Get to know our owls up close and learn about what makes them the ultimate night predator.

2pm - Meteorite Talk:
Rocks from outer space!!?? You can learn all about these one-in-a-billion occurrences and touch some of the objects from other worlds!

3pm - Waterfowl Talk: Sunriver Nature Center's swans are famous! Learn more about this celebrity couple and meet their smaller cousins our resident ducks.

June 8, 2024


10:00 AM - 04:00 PM


Sunriver Nature Center & Observatory 57245 River Road Sunriver, Oregon United States

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