Adventure: Wanderlust Tours is the premier destination to discover the beauty and secrets of Oregon’s only National Park. Perched atop the 750-mile long cordillera, the world’s purest body of water awaits to astound you! Join us for unforgettable vistas while snowshoeing through this preserved volcanic environment. Naturalist Guided Experience: Mt. Mazama’s eruptive history is extensive. Its cataclysmic blast 7,700 years ago created the incredible hole we now call Crater Lake! Its snow-melt water began filling the depression until an equilibrium was met eventually gifting Oregon with the United States’ deepest body of water. Amidst the wealth of interpretation our guides will offer on this journey we’ll likely share how we as humans are the single greatest threat to this lake’s purity as well as being the intelligent and responsible stewards of its continued status of clarity and purity! Celebrate Presidents’ Day weekend in Central Oregon, exploring the geologic wonder that Theodore Roosevelt designated as America’s 6th National Park in 1902. We typically run our Crater Lake tours as private tours but we want to accommodate smaller groups and open it up to the public for an amazing day of exploration!

February 17, 2024


08:00 AM - 05:00 PM


61535 S Hwy 97 Bend, Oregon United States

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