Active Culture

by | Jun 25, 2021

285 NW Riverside Blvd.
Oregon, 97702


About Active Culture

At Active Culture we are passionate about the food we serve. We believe that you can live healthier, live longer and live happier by putting better foods into your body. We use whole grains, simple basic foods, organic ingredients, and fresh fruits and vegetables. We have put extensive thought and care into our menu items to create unique delicious foods that will fuel your body and soul. If you are vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, soy-free, raw, cleansing or simply looking for food that is not over-processed or filled with chemicals, dyes or hydrogenated oils then you have come to the right place!

When you walk into Active Culture shops, you will quickly notice we are not fine dining, we are not a cookie-cutter chain restaurant or a sterile yogurt shop…but rather, we are a warm, welcoming, lively cafe. We are a place where friends gather over lunch, a place to escape the office and work on your laptop or simply a place where you can run in and grab a healthy meal on the go.

Active Culture, Natural Foods Cafe and Yogurt is the creation of a local family determined to offer our community a healthy food alternative.