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by | Jun 25, 2021

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About Adventure Guru

Adventure Guru is a video-based adventure guide for everyone… EVERYONE. Whether you have a garage full of gear, or simply a pair of sneakers and a curious spirit, the goal is to get you outside. Nature is medicine, and the pharmacy is open.

“I noticed that it was really hard to find the best outdoor activities near me…” said founder, Shannon Enete. The solution involves quick, fun-inducing, videos that portray the terrain, accessibility, conditions and everything else from start to finish.

Shannon also noticed that outdoor recreation has a diversity problem. Most resources focus on the same narrow demographic, young elite athletes with the latest equipment in remote locations. What about everyone else? “I want people around the world to see themselves on my platform. Every size, color, age, sexuality, and ability (both cognitive and physical) will be represented on Adventure Guru.” One of the ways we will accomplish this is through the Regional Guru program. Our user, (whom we call our Adventure Pack) can easily upload videos they take on their phones or action cameras for a chance to be featured on the platform. They earn points for each selected video they provide which will progress them from “Novice” level to “Prodigy”, and finally “Regional Guru” where they can get paid for filming their adventures! They film and upload FUN and Adventure Guru edits 30 – 60-second videos thus providing a professionally edited memento! It’s a win:win. Plus, they will inspire others like them to go outside.

Join Adventure Guru today and change the world one adventure at a time.

At Adventure Guru, we are actively seeking partners to build and eco-education for our upcoming online learning platform. We’re especially excited about collaborations with education-related and eco-friendly nonprofits, and experts in biology, oceanography, biomimicry, energy, and chemistry to name a few. There will be 3 facets to Adventure Guru University:​​ ECO Education, Wilderness Survival and Adventure Skills. Please contact us at Adventure Guru.

Adventure Guru is changing the world and we need your help! We want every type of person (size, shape, color, age, sexuality, ability, etc) to represent the beauty of humanity and inspire those like you to get outside and enrich their lives.


Nature takes you just as you are and so do we. Film your outdoor fun (trails, lake, river, beach, castle, cliff diving, mountain biking, etc) on your smartphone or action camera, then submit the videos here to help us change the world one adventure at a time. It’s super easy, just click the link or icon.