by | Jun 26, 2021

1000 NW Wall Street, Suite 240
Oregon, 97703


About BendFilm

The 18th Annual BendFilm Festival

The BendFilm Festival, coming soon on October 7-10, transforms our recreational haven into a town obsessed with independent films and those who make them. Film-loving citizens and visitors gather in movie theaters, lecture halls, music rooms and event spaces to behold the wonderful work of talented independent filmmakers.

And the filmmakers that travel to the fest? They delight in our collective embrace as we treat them like royalty. In return, they enrich our festival experience with their insight, creativity and passion, which they share generously at post-screening Q&As, panel discussions, parties and wherever they go.

Our event offers much more than marathon film watching; Bend is intoxicated with the overwhelming presence of cinema. Day and night, the energy is palpable. Everyone you see on the sidewalks, in the restaurants, at the bars—makes, loves or has an opinion about… film. The many serendipitous encounters, between fellow pass-holders and with our beloved filmmakers, generate lively exchanges, inspired connections and memorable moments for all.