Cascade Street Distillery

by | Jun 26, 2021

261 W. Cascade Avenue
Oregon, 97759


About Cascade Street Distillery

Cascade Street Distillery is a family-run distillery located in Sisters, Oregon where we believe in making small exceptionally crafted liquor.

Born years ago of the pristine snow in the Cascade Mountains, Our water is perfectly suited to the distilling process. Learn what it is about our water that makes Cascade Street liquors so unique and delicious.

Our Tasting Room is on the main drag through Sisters and we are open 6 days a week.  In our tasting room we have tastes, flights, mini cocktails, and sell our bottles of Cascade Street Distilled liquors.  We also feature our partner brand Wild Roots Vodka.
If you want to learn about our unique barn and our private tours, the best way is by visiting our Tasting Room in Sisters, OR. Here you will learn about the pride and craftsmanship we put into each and every bottle we deliver.

Cascade Street Distillery Weddings & Events
We live in Sisters, Oregon; a picturesque destination just north of Bend surrounded by endless forest, hundreds of pristine lakes, and 10,000-foot cascade mountain peaks– an idyllic backdrop for weddings. Imagine if you could take the beauty and essence of Central Oregon and put it into a bottle? That’s what we’ve done at Cascade Street Distillery Weddings. To the ingénue, we might seem laid back; to the seasoned life traveler, we’ve just caught onto a good thing.

Cascade Street Distillery venue is restored plank-by-plank with reclaimed wood, and harnessing the beauty of Sisters, our craft distilling space doubles as a charming  venue for creative groups, memory seekers, and those in search of the perfect wedding backdrop.Cascade Street Distillery Weddings is here for you. Now that you’ve had a chance to check us out, let’s get together and make it happen.