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by | Jun 26, 2021

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About Deschutes River Anglers

Deschutes River Fly Fishing Guides-Cory Godell

Time on the water is worth a thousand fish. At Deschutes River Anglers, we’ve spent over 20 years finding them, and we’re eager to show you what we’ve learned. Come enjoy a Deschutes River Fly Fishing adventure with Bend Oregon Born Guide and Outfitter Cory Godell today.

The Lower Deschutes stretches 100 miles exactly, and with our experience, we can show you how to fish every inch of it.

Central Oregon born and raised, Cory is working on his second decade of guiding the Deschutes. Cory spends the majority of his winters fishing and improving steelhead habitat working for the Oregon Fish and Wildlife’s Trout Creek Project. A self-described “dry-fly nut,” Cory has a nose for rising fish and a knack for finding new spots where trout like to take a deftly-placed fly.

When the Deschutes season finally winds down, Cory shifts gears and goes to work for the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. So really it is back to the river. Spring and winter he operates the smolt and adult steelhead trap on Trout Creek and helps with redd counts. This on-the-ground habitat work helps the future of the Deschutes fishery and brings him full circle on his love and quest for steelhead knowledge. Call us today at Deschutes River Anglers at 547-771-2288.


The tailwater stretch of the Owyhee River can call for a multitude of tactics in the same day for 20+ inch Browns, let us show you what to use to coax them into the net!