Destination: Uncharted

by | Jun 26, 2021

Oregon, 97701


About Destination: Uncharted

Destination: Uncharted designs incredible, unique travel itineraries for people who dream to be immersed in authentic culture while on vacation. Destination: Uncharted specializes in curating the best ways for travelers to feel what it’s like to be a local when they travel. Our mission is to design vacations for travelers, not tourists, by crafting unique, personalized and amazing one-of-a-kind experiences that produce unforgettable memories.
Imagine taking a cooking class, or having locals take you around to their favorite dining spots, offering you an immediate view of the destination from a different angle. Perhaps you walk, take the subway or rent a bike, experiencing your surroundings like a native, rather than observing from a motorcoach. You no longer have to imagine because Destination: Uncharted offers the ultimate immersive travel experience you’ve been yearning for.

Our Destination Expertise

As travel professionals who continuously seek out new learning opportunities, Destination: Uncharted are qualified to design amazing vacations, leveraging our network of preferred suppliers, other travel advisers and years of experience planning travel.

We also rely on our extensive personal travel experiences to provide destination knowledge. Team members of Destination: Uncharted have traveled to 37 countries, and lived in 5 so far. We are always adding more destinations and experiences to share with you.
Are you a fearless explorer? Contact us to schedule a consultation today or call us at 609-933-1763.